Saturday, July 31, 2010

My 3D modeling

This Sem we have to learn about 3D modeling and choose 1 object to model it, so i choose handphone to be my modeling. The model i choose is Sony Errisson K530i. Now we need
to think about theanimation, this make m me suffer a lot~ stress~ but soon will be gone~ :)
this is the poster of my 3D modeling.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sharing ^^

Find a interesting website :D to share with you guys....

Click HERE to visit the site

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Design Method 3 Research - Baba-Nyonya {Chinese: 峇峇娘惹}

This is my home assignment for the Design Method 3 research, is about Baba-Nyonya.
Because of this project last friday whole class is going to Melaka visit the Baba-Nyonya Museum.
We have know a lot about the Baba Nyonya according the guider at that museum but for more detail
information we need to search ourself.

Though my research for
Baba-Nyonya, i more focus to Baba Nyonya cuisine.
Here is some video that telling The Peranakan Story.

Baba Nyonya
Nyonya food as the name suggested, is the food of the Baba-Nyonya in Malaysia and Singapore. Known also as the Peranakan or the Straits Chinese (Straits-born Chinese), these groups of people are descendants of the very early Chinese immigrants to the Nanyang or 南洋 in Chinese–which literally means the “south sea” region.

The origins of the Baba and Nyonya could be traced all the way back to the Chinese Admiral explorer Cheng Ho, who sailed across the Indian Ocean more than 400 years ago to Melaka, a busy and prosperous trading port back in the early 15th century. Nanyang or 南洋 refers to the the Malay peninsula and the islands of Java.

Nyonya cuisine is generally referred to as the result of inter-marriages between the Chinese immigrants and the local Malays, which produced a unique cuisine where local ingredients such as chilies, belacan (Malaysian shrimp paste) lemongrass, galangal, turmeric, etc. are used. To assimilate to the local culture, these early days Chinese immigrants also adopted local Malay traditions–the men were called Babas and the women were called Nyonyas.

In the olden days, Nyonya is not allow going to school so they need to learn about cooking and sewing. In future they will show their skill to the mother in law and let the mother in law see that is this Nyonya suitable to marry to her family though her cooking and sewing skill.

Regardless of the history and origins of Nyonya food, making Nyonya food is no simple affair. The unique and highly flavorful cuisine requires abundant amount of time, patience, and skills. A true Nyonya would spend hours and hours pounding her rempah (spices) with batu giling (a flat slab of stone to grind the spices) to cook up authentic Nyonya dishes such as Perut Ikan (pickled fish stomach with vegetables stew), Salted Fish Pineapple Curry(Gulai Kiam Hu Kut in Hokkien), and other scrumptious Nyonya concoctions.

Nyonya food

-Nyonya Laksa
-Babi ponteh
-Sambal Belacan
-Nyonya Asam Curry
-Kangkung Belacan
-Perut Ikan

-Gulai Tumis
-Otak-otak and many more...

Though this research, this cuisine should be share to public and let the public know more about
the Baba Nyonya culture and their history and also their food.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Eco Coke Bottle

The concept is simple: to transform the structure of drinks into cubic bottle, then allowing an important profit of space for storage and an effectiveness for recycling.
by Andrew Kim~

Like this bottle so much,hope can buy and keep it :D

Resource from this site >>> Fubiz

Sunday, March 28, 2010

“And Then There Was Salsa” by Frito Lay Dips

“And Then There Was Salsa” from Frito Lay Dips on Vimeo.

Like this so much hope can share with u all^^
“And Then There Was Salsa”
by Frito Lay Dips
please enter this site to watch.Click here

Thursday, March 11, 2010


WuHu~ my Sem break is starting from now~
In this semester what have i learn?
i have learn many things like video shooting, Website design,CSS stuff
and Photography. Is a very busy short semester for us, is rushing and rushing.
But i quite enjoy with this semester. For my study i need to get more improve
for my time management. Beside that i need to speed up my time when i'm
doing my work.Hope my next semester i can make it better. I will try my best
to do it. Thank you for all lecturer for this short semester, i have learned a lot
of stuff. For this holiday i will enjoy and will still study to improve myself.........

So now I AM FREE.......i will sleep as much i want do the things i like and......
PHOTO SHOOTING.......wuhu!!!....

I'm coming my HOLIDAY!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

User testing for Website design 2: Commercial Website Redesign Prototype

This is my college assignment Commercial Website Redesign Prototype (jpeg form). My chosen client is Malaysia Residency, i need you guys to help me do the user testing for my website layout. Thanks.

Enter Page

Home page

About us page

Our Services

Our Guarantee

Information page

Malaysia In Picture

Contact Us

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today watching ~

Macro kingdom

macro kingdom from clemento on Vimeo

Macro kingdom by capture by Canon 5D mark II.
Hope you guys enjoy it....:D


INSIDE SOUTH AFRICA (opener) from dirk rauscher on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Starting =.=

This week we need to start our layout design with digital layout.
Need to show for next week progress, hope i can do it on time.
Beside this project i need to planing for the photography lesson
and also for video class, seem will be very lack for time if didn't
arrange my time properly.Will try my best to do the best. :P

To all my MM classmate:

Wish u all the best ^__^ after this we go travel ~~~ wuhu

Strategic Brief

(Website 2: Redesign Commercial Website)

Project Definition

- This project is about to
redesign a commercial website to my client. My chosen
client is Malaysia Residency.In this project we need to find out the part that which
still can improve.This site i feel that it still can enhance the interface and also make it
more interesting, easy for the audience to know where is the direction they are. For this
website is to promoting about Malaysia, the target is more on people from oversea, it
will be mainly for businessmen or people that want to look for a nice and peace place to
stay. For this project, i have given 8 week to complete the task. Included at least
8 pages of interface design and coding.

Current Site's Analysis Goals
> The background can be add on some picture to make it not so empty.
> The
uniqueness of selling point for this site is cultural and religious to bring
out the Malaysian style to let outsider know more about Malaysia.
> Apply some interesting layout design to attract audience, like some flash picture
can be add on.
> Provides more a clear location information for the audience where else places can
be visit in Malaysia.
> The problem for the picture can be made it linked and not to confuse the user.
> The information part can be short but supportive to guide the user read though the
information, to make it not so boring.
> The layout can be maintain clean and simple layout is suitable for the site to let the user
feel comfortable when visit this site.

Client's Analysis

- Though the information that i research, i found that Malaysia Residency is under a home program called MM2H(Malaysia My 2nd Home) by the Government of Malaysia to allow foreigners who fulfill certain criteria, to stay in Malaysia for as long as possible on a multiple-entry social visit pass. The program was re-launched by the Ministry of Tourism,
Malaysia in April 2006.Malaysia is a progressive and modern society with a lot of business opportunities as well as cultural and religious heritage, beside that living in Malaysia which includes the low cost of living, developed infrastructure, friendly Malaysians, attractive tourist destinations and general quality of life.

This program is open to all citizen of countries recognized by Malaysia regardless of race, religion, gender or age. Applicants are allowed to bring along their spouse and unmarried
children below 21 years old. So far over 8,000 people have been approved for the MM2H visa.
Furthermore, with the availability of good properties at much lower prices as compared to other regions, medical centers and private clinics are found in all states with 24-hour emergency service. There are also quite a number of international schools, private colleges and universities situated in all major cities for higher learning at a reasonable cost.

For visions Malaysia Residency will spread out all the information to the outsider to get more interesting to our country. There will make more business opportunities and accommodation
to our country to make Malaysia to the higher level though the economic.

Short & Long-term Site Goals
Short- To increase hit rates, maybe can show more about Malaysia culture to
attract the audience have a idea know how is Malaysia and why they want choosing
Malaysia to make their second home in our country.

Long- To increasing the business value for more working opportunities available and more business set up in our country.

Target Audience

- Mainly aim for foreigners businessmen or migrants.

Competitor's Analysis
- There was many countries having this program,basic on my research i found that there are
residency such as UK Residency, USA Residency, Argentina Residency, China Residency,
Korea Residency and so on and so on.Each of country has its own unik point to their country and hard to compare with each country.For Malaysia Residency will emphasize on Malaysia greatest assets to promote to the audience and hope to attract the audience get interesting come to our country.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Competitors Websites:

-The navigation is attractive and clear.
-Color mood is nice and soft can bring out the comfortable feeling.
-Overall website is attractive.
-Simple flash decoration for picture make the whole website look more interesting.

-The images are interesting and information are clear.
-The navigation bar is clear and easy to see.
-Have a good table arrangement
-Hierarchy of typography made the site easy to read.
-The color give comfortable feeling to audience.

-Simple and user friendly.
-The color mood is soft and nice.
-The arrangement for the information quite nice.
-The grids system quite good and also the hierarchy for the site also not bad.

-Using the blue color as the background it quite suit for this site because for Argentina
they use back the color of Argentina flag.
-The link are properly linked and also user friendly.
-Table arrangement is good.
-The color mood feel very comfortable to visit.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Web Design 2- Gantt Chart (Redesign Commercial Website)

Client's website: Malaysia Residency

Site map

2010 2nd Assingment>>> Website design 2

This is my collage assignment WEB DESIGN 2 project (Redesign Commercial
and the site i been chosen is Malaysia Residency website.This is the screen shot for the

>Home page

>About us page

>Our Guarantee page

>Malaysia in picture

>Our fees page

The problems that i found in this website:
1. Is too boring to be visit,not enough Malaysia style.
2.Some picture look like link but it can not be linked.
3.Some page the typo have river.
4.The site is too static and the background is too blank.
5.The picture gallery can be more better and the arrangement can be more interesting.

This is the site to Malaysia Residency.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

United State of Pop 2009

Like this song so much ^_^ keep repeating this song.
Share this song to everyone,hope you will enjoy it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MUJI x LEGO Paper & Punch Set

The Japanese retail brand Muji and Lego has teamed up to develop
a set of 4 different boxes. They combine LEGO’s traditional block with paper,
to create something new.This is the new concept,i like it so much.
Click here for the site.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


This is taken when 7 something pm at my room, haha quite
like the color. Hope i can take more picture with different color
and feeling ^_^ taking picture very much^_^

Academy of Champions

Academy of Champions from fortiche production on Vimeo.

Today watch > The animal save the planet

The Animals Save the Planet from Planeta Pantanal on Vimeo.